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AVM to human health
AVM antioxidant salt

Antioxidant - volcanic salt is the diet supplement that helps maintain good health.

bio-avm-antioksidansna-so- Stabilizes (neutralizes) free radicals,

- Balances pH levels of the blood to the optimal base environment

- Improves cell regeneration and their impermeability to harmful agents,

- Balances the immune system and improves digestion,

- Optimizes heart function, blood pressure and brain

- Prevention of the diseases caused by food with too much salt.

The use of volcanic salt extends the shelf life of food.

- Antibacterial and antiviral,

- Prevents and stops the process of putrefaction and fermentation.


- Is used daily in the diet,

- As content in spices,

- In the industrial processing of food (meat products, cereal products, in canned goods, etc.).


- Iodised table salt ............... 70%

- Antioxidant ........................ 30% - natural crystal activated volcanic minerals in the form of oxide

(silicate, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, sodium)

Ingredients are in accordance with the Regulations for the safety of dietary supplements (Official Gazette

FBiH No. 7/04).


- Iodised table salt 60% + 40% antioxidant (for children up to 15 years)

- Iodised table salt 70% + 30% antioxidant (for ill people)

- Iodised table salt 80% + 20% antioxidant (for all ages)

- Iodised table salt 90% + 10% antioxidant (for all ages)