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AVM for environmental health
PAMIN - extends the shelf life of harvested fruits and vegetables


okolis pamin

Natural Detoxifier

Extends the shelf life of harvested fruits and vegetables


Adsorbs bacteria and deactivates ferments that cause rot and decay process.


For dusting of harvested fruits and vegetables.


In the household, industrial warehouses, coolers.


Natural volcanic minerals - detoxifier.

EKOSIL - detoxifier for farms

okolis ekosil


- For all types of detoxification of farms and poultry hatcheries,
- For detoxification of standing water (lakes, ponds, cisterns)
- To detoxify soil,
- For detoxification for latrines.


How it Works:



It binds ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide and reduce odors from the substrate (litter) and septic pools on the farms.

Mixture obtained this way is great ecological fertilizer which contains a significant percentage of ammoniacal nitrogen needed for plant growth. The resulting mixture - organic fertilizer, releases nitrogen gradually, in line with the growth of plants. Unused nitrogen is retained in the coming years until plants use it all. The resulting fertilizer prevents leaching of nitrogen into the deep layers, but it keeps it in the reach of plant roots.
Furthermore, fertilizer obtained by this procedure, prevents evaporation of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide from land to the atmosphere. This contributes to preserving the environment.


Still water:

In stagnant waters Ekosil binds toxins, heavy metals and neutralize the acidity of the water and it works antibacterial.


In the poisoned land, flora and fauna is destroyed and flora and fauna is necessary to restore soil’s fertility, so the soil has become sour. Due to soil acidity, yields are decreased. There is also clear that plants on the acidic land absorb toxins and heavy metals that penetrate into the human body with intake of grains, vegetables and fruits.
Ekosil binds toxins and heavy metals from agricultural land, which has for many years been treated by chemicals and artificial fertilizers. It also neutralizes acidity, which increases the yield of healthy grains, fruits and vegetables.



- The farm that has the entire surface covered with mulch, needs to be covered with Ekosil every other day.
- In the pool with the liquid manure, pour Ekosil (1kg per 1000 gallons of liquid manure), once a month.
- Still water (lakes, ponds) and rainwater, treat with Ekosil (1kg per 10,000 gallons of water).
- Poisoned soil to be covered with Ekosil dissolved in water (1kg Ekosil to 1000 liters of water).

AVM oil purification


AVM molecular sieve for oil purification




Refines edible oil. In its molecular sieve binds water, the products of combustion generated during frying of potatoes, meat and other foods.

Removes odors from used oil.

Extends the life and safety of used oil.



It is used for the purification of edible oils in the households, restaurants and food industry.



Strain edible oil from tiny remnants of food. To the filtered oil is added AVM powder -2 grams to 1 liter of oil. Content of 100 gram bag is sufficient for 50 liters of oil.