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Antioxidants - detoxicants

Each movement is preceded by a process of oxidation, and leads to the decomposition of oxygen in the cells and release of energy. However, there is another side to oxygen. In the daily process of food oxidation that creates life energy, happens production of free radicals in the cells.

freeradical-cell-attackedFree radicals are chemical compounds formed by the unpaired electrons of oxygen that are packed with energy and very unstable causing glad to react with proteins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and genetic material. Accumulation of free radicals causes blood acidity, degenerative cell damage, DNA structure and aging. It has been shown that free radicals are a major cause of aging process, because it damages DNA and thereby cause cell mutation and decay.


Blood has a certain pH value that ensures a healthy life. If blood is acidic, diseases develop. Free radicals affect the acidification of the blood and significant affect on free radicals has consuming foods that undergo industrial processing (canned foods, chemically and thermally processed, pasteurized, homogenized, and meat as food, which in the metabolic process releases many toxins that increase the acidity of the blood).


Experts who study the effect of cell decay and aging, cited free radicals as the main culprit for the emerging number of chronic diseases: autoimmune diseases, cancer, liver cirrhosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, coronary heart disease, emphysema, diabetes, circulatory disorder, rheumatism, arthritis and etc. Therefore, whenever there is a disease developed caused by the oxidative stress, antioxidant therapy is necessary.

cancer free-radicals

From birth to death, the most important battle is the one with free radicals, and the only reliable men’s friend is antioxidants!


The organism can with it’s own defense - the immune system (natural antioxidants) to overcome a certain amount of free radicals. Generating capacity of antioxidants is influenced by genetic, sex, age, and habits in eating and exercising.


Antioxidants have the property stabilizer. They deliver electrons to free radicals and thereby stabilize them, preventing further damage. Therefore, everyone should take antioxidants every day with food.


AVM antioxidant is made of activated volcanic minerals, phyllosilicates with a three-layer crystalline molecular sieve containing bound water; it’s in a powdered form, particle size up to 43 microns. Particles released into the open water cell are improving cell membrane potential and its impermeability to harmful agents, give an electron to free radicals and thus stabilize, regulate the pH of the blood and doing so help stop diseases and regenerate cells, which leads to slowing of aging.


Micro particles of volcanic minerals take nutrients into activated cells, and cells from related waste products of metabolism, and release free water in the cell, improving its membrane potential and its impermeability to harmful agents, and regulate the pH of the blood.


AVM (Activated volcanic minerals), because of its molecular composition and structure of the grid, have tremendous power of absorption of heavy metals, ammonia and other toxins, and as a potent antioxidant possess significant capacity to deactivate free radicals.


AVM contains essential elements required for the optimal functioning of healthy cells, and is effective in the prevention of aging. AVM contains micro and macro minerals that have a unique, slightly alkalizing, for the vitality of the body, very important pH level. Many people get prematurely old due to accumulation of toxins that impede optimal metabolism and restoration of normal cells. AVM removes toxins that burden the body, and the body normally renews and regenerates. AVM restores DNA and provides the body with essential substances that are necessary for the assimilation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. This way, AVM stimulates metabolism, boosts immunity, and enables the body to resist the pathogenic agents and infections.


AVM antioxidant should be taken daily as a dietary supplement in the form of micronized powder before meals or with food with plenty of fluids (water, juice, tea). One teaspoon of powder daily (containing about 2 grams of powder) is used independently as well as with classical medical therapy which is not contraindicated and does not cause unwanted effects.